What is MAG?

Infomir's MAG is by far one the best IPTV devices in the world. After 2007, Infomir produces Set-Top Boxes following the brand name MAG. These Set-Top Boxes are multi-functional devices that allow you to quickly organize your media contents and use IPTV services. 


Below are some of the major features represented in all MAG devices:


A brand-new creation of set-top boxes operating the Android OS. A simple to use answer for your IPTVservices with a user-friendly interface which is well-known both to the providers and users.


Premium Hardware

These MAG Set-Top Boxes are implemented with super-powerful hardware that assures great performance while running applications. By supporting high definition contents such as UltraHD, MAG boxes allow you to watch these contents on the highest quality.

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  Infomir the manufacturer of MAGs is complying with requests by copyright owners to block...